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Improving Educational Outcomes for First-Generation Students

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Ana's Story

Ana Ortega is a Mike Garcia Scholarship recipient and recent college graduate from Cal State University, Los Angeles. As a first-generation student and single mother, Ana faced financial and informational barriers to access a higher education. Determined to provide a better life for herself and her daughter, Ana participated in BSP’s Parent University programs, and eventually interned with BSP through the AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate program. As a Summer Associate, Ana supported families in navigating the college application process, often drawing on her own experiences as a first-generation student and child of an immigrant service worker.

Ana credits the Mike Garcia Scholarship and the AmeriCorps VISTA internship as key to helping her reach her goal of a college degree. Upon graduating, Ana visited BSP to thank its staff and supporters for their guidance and support. Ana graduated with a degree in Social Work. She hopes to give back to families facing challenges common to the immigrant experience.

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