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Bay Area Student & Scholar

Yazmin (center left) pictured with Luis Sandoval, Executive Director - Building Skills Partnership, Sara Nitikman Parks - the daughter of the late Martha Cox-Nitikman, and Janna Shadduck-Hernandez - BSP Board Chair and UCLA Labor Center Project Director

Yazmin Venegas is currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley, majoring in Political Science. In 2023, she was the first recipient of the Martha Cox-Nitikman Memorial Scholarship, named after BSP’s late Board Member, who was focused on providing educational opportunities to deserving students.

The scholarships help the children of property service workers achieve their dreams of higher education.

For over three decades, Martha Cox-Nitikman worked as a tireless advocate as the Vice President of Public Policy for the Building Owners and Managers Association Greater Los Angeles (BOMA/GLA). Martha is remembered for her deep knowledge of industry issues and for her unrelenting approach to solving public challenges.  

Martha also served as a founding board member of Building Skills Partnership (BSP) from 2007 to 2019, and was instrumental in advocating for the expansion of its programs throughout California. As a board member, Martha helped steer the organization through immense growth.  

Martha Cox-Nitikman was an exemplary example of true commitment and passion to serve. She was a champion of Building Skills Partnership, and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving opportunities for working families to succeed in their careers and educational endeavors.

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